The Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists (ASCD) Workshop

This year the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists (ASCD) is offering a half day intensive course and optional assessment in surface active device safety. This is targeted to the growing variety of equipment used in clinical practice, so we have diversified the course accordingly not only offering laser safety but also safety and use issues of intense pulsed light as well as non light based treatments including cryolipolysis, ultrasound, microneedling, chemical peels and radiofrequency.

The course is rounded out by up to date information about pre and post device skin care and an exploration of skin types and their effects on how treatments should be managed. This course is about safety in device delivery and is recommended for all practitioners and practice staff. If the optional examination is undertaken and a score of over 75% achieved a certificate of completion will be awarded by the ASCD.

Adelaide Convention Centre
Friday 9 April 2021
1:30PM – 6:00PM

Grapefruit slice atop a pile of other slices

Skin Health Institute | 2020 Patch Test Training Day

The Skin Health Institute invites you to attend the 7th Annual Patch Test Training Day.

Friday 9 April 2021
8:30AM – 5:00PM