May 2019

Meeting Venue: Sinclair Dermatology, 2 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

Confirmed Guest Speakers: Richard Gallo, Enno Schmidt, Kenji Kabashima, Andrew Messenger


Welcome and Session 1 1:00PM - 3:30PM Melanoma

Plenary Room

3:30PM - 4:00PMPoster Session 1

Plenary Room

Session 24:00PM -6:00PMStem Cells, Wound Healing & Skin Cancer

Plenary Room

6:00PM – 6:30 PMGeorge Rogers - Accolade and Presentation

DINNER AT UNIVERSITY HOUSE7:00PM - 11:00PMConference Dinner - University House

The University of Melbourne, 10th floor, Melbourne Law (Building 106), 185 Pelham St, Carlton VIC 3052 (group taxis will be organised) Please note: Pre-reservation is compulsory

May 2019


Facial and Neck Anatomy ASCD symposium (1:00-6pm Friday 17th May 2019)

Meeting Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre. See registration desk for room number


Lecture 11:00-1:30PMThe anatomy of ageing and Skeletal differences in gender and ethnicity

(Jeremy Richardson)

Lecture 21:30-1:50PMFat Compartments and retaining ligaments

(Ajay Chauhan)


Lecture 32:00-2:20PMFace and neck arterial supply

(Angela Webb)

Lecture 42:10-2:35PMCutaneous and related vascular anatomy:

An overview of the vascular supply of the face (Gilly Munavalli)


Lecture 52:45-3:00PMFacial veins and lymphatics and their growing importance

(Peter Callan)

Lecture 63:00-3:20PMFacial musculature

(Cara McDonald)


Afternoon Tea3:30-3:50PM

Lecture 73:50-4:20PMThe danger areas of the face

(Peter Callan)

Lecture 84:20-4:50PMThe neck

(Stephen Kleid)

Lecture 94:50-5:20PMComplications of disregarding anatomy

(Greg Goodman)


Lecture 105:30-6:00PMAnatomy Quiz


An early bird discount rate of $350 is available until 31 March.

After that the standard rate of  $450 will apply.



Meeting Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre. See registration desk for room number

7:30AM - 8:25AMJanseen Breakfast Symposium

SESSION 38:30AM - 09:30AMIndustry talks - Pipeline for product development in Dermatology

Plenary room

SESSION 49:30AM - 10:30AMImmunology

Plenary Room

10:30AM - 11:00AMPoster Session 2

SESSION 5 11:00AM - 12:30PMAlopecia

12:30PM - 2:30PMPoster Session 3

SESSION 6 2:30PM - 4:00PMBlistering and Inflammatory Skin Disease

Plenary Room

4:00PM - 4:30PMPoster Session 4

SESSION 74:30PM - 5:00PMKeynote Lecture

Plenary Room


Level 1 Meeting room

5:30PM - 6:30PMASDR Board Meeting

Level 1 Meeting Room


Meeting Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre. See registration desk for room number

Registration essential:

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Welcome and Introduction4:00PM - 4:05PM

4:05PM - 4:15PMPsoriatic Arthritis

Patient Outcomes

4:15PM - 4:40PMLatest Therapies in PsA Treatment

Marie Feletar (confirmed speaker)

4:40PM - 5:05PM Diagnosing PsA and Comorbidities

5:05PM - 5: 25PMDiscussion

How can Dermatologist-Rheumatologist Collaboration Address Challenges in Early Diagnosis and Management of PsA

Wrap up and Evaluation5:25PM - 5:30PM


Dermatology for Health Care Professionals with a paediatric focus (9am-5pm Friday 17th May 2019)
Meeting Venue:
Melbourne Convention Centre. See registration desk for room number

General and Paediatric dermatology update for HCPs9:00AM - 12:30PM

Psoriasis – what’s new


Urticaria and Reaction patterns

Moles in children

Birthmarks and genetic conditions

Skin infections and infestations

LUNCH12:30PM - 1:30PM

Atopic dermatitis essentials for HCPs1:30PM - 5:00PM

Nursing in eczema

Diet and eczema

Psychological care

Case presentations

Allergy and eczema

What’s new in eczema